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To build a man in the earth after likeness of Christ.


  We view ourselves as a household of faith under the leadership of a spiritual father. We submit as sons, equal sons of the Father in heaven (Heirs of the Father and co heirs with the Son).  The configuration that drives the relationship between a spiritual father and sons on the earth is the technology called Grace.  Grace is the configuration or substance of the heaven resonated in a human vessel on the earth.

   The Apostolic Reformation is the work of God in the earth today to bring the church as the body of Christ back to its original intent.  Jeremiah (6:16) cries out that  we need to stand at the cross roads and ask for the ancient pathways and walk in it. The activity being introduced by Jeremiah is one of serious examination and introspection into the order and purpose of everything we called Church and everything we do in the Church and how we define Church.  When Jeremiah direct us to the ancient pathways, he does not direct us to the way of Church for the last 100 years, as it cannot bring the purpose of God to a divine location called the finish. Jeremiah directs us back to the mind of God. He ask that we go back to a time before time and ask what the purpose of the way was right when it was still in the mind of God.

   Ancient, before time, the original intent.  Many of the things we have as activities and practices in the Church today are the traditions of man. Like as in the day of Martin Luther, the great reformer of the church, there is again a call for a reformation. God is calling His church out of the hands of man.  As leaders we are only to be the friend of the bride. We are to dress the bride and not use the bride for our own pleasure.

   The process of reformation is best described this way. If some thing has turn crooked, a process of reformation is needed to re-align, so to bring it back to its original shape or intent. It is to this process of re-aligning of things on the earth to the pattern in the heaven, that we as an Apostolic Church are called to. 

   Not the traditions of man, but the word of God is the measuring rod, to bring a crooked generation into alignment to the purposes of God. So a process of rigorous scrutiny is needed and everything from our prayers to our worship, from our service to our lives, from our liturgy to our hermeneutics need to be placed under the forensic scrutiny of the word of God. This is not the time for sentiments and good ideas, for not all good ideas are God ideas. Isaiah 48:7  "This isn't a variation on the same old thing. This is new, brand-new, something you'd never guess or dream up. When you hear this you won't be able to say, 'I knew that all along.'" (Message Bible)

   We are unapologetic Apostolic, part of the new Apostolic Reformation in the earth. It is our mandate as the church is to make known to the principalities and the powers of the air the manifold wisdom of God (Eph 3:10). The only way we know is to bring the heaven into the earth, like the captain of our faith, our Lord Jesus Christ declared, let thy Kingdom come on the earth as it is in the heaven, this is the directional flow of the kingdom of the heaven.